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Houseful of Family

Peter’s family arrived from Germany this week, and it was a houseful! They only stayed a couple of days and left this morning on their motor home trip to Fairbanks and back. Hopefully they’ve adjusted to the jet lag by now. I finally was able to get a few photos, and you can see that they are going to have a real experience with this crowd!
P1200034 family vacation
Somehow the look on Peter’s face is quite appropriate for the adventure he is about to start!

I was glad to get a couple of family pictures with me in them…

P1200044 kids and grandmaP1200048 grandmas family rev

  • P1200026 family vacation
  • P1200031 family vacation
  • P1190915 Family

They all seem to get along but although the motor home seems big, it’s gonna feel crowded pretty quickly. My fingers are crossed that they won’t have any problems, mechanical or otherwise. It’s definitely going to make a lot of memories, no matter what happens. Yesterday Peter brought home three silver salmon that I filleted for them this morning. I’ll freeze a couple for them to grill with Dara’s family when they all get here after August 18. That is the day I scheduled the Kenai River Canyon Raft Trip, and I’ll go up to Cooper Landing to pick up whichever kids won’t be taking the trip, since it is limited to six people. We’ll have a fun day ourselves doing something different.  I won this trip at a benefit dinner a couple of years ago ($840 value) and the rafting company was kind enough to extend it until I finally had family come to visit and use it. I sure hope someone takes a camera!

Suddenly my house is quiet! It will take a day or two to readjust to my usual solitude.  Next week I begin the cardiac rehabilitation program at the hospital, and will learn a more about how to handle my future life with a gimpy heart.