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Christmas with Grey

I was able to store the motor home in Blythe, in a park alongside the Colorado River.  For the first time in a year, I was able to leave the dog’s travel crate out of the car, and Cheyenne could have plenty of room in the back seat.  I think she enjoyed being in the middle so she could look out the windshield as we drove 250 miles, up to my oldest son Grey’s house north of Las Vegas.  It was about a five hour easy drive, since we stopped along the way a couple of times and weren’t towing a car this time.

Grey already had the Christmas tree up, but it got decorated Friday night after we arrived, and we spent a leisurely few days just lazing around, watching videos, doing a little Christmas shopping, and enjoying the crisp nights and sunny days of the holiday week.


P1220630 P1220637

My dog Cheyenne and Grey’s dog Genie (“Genius”) got along very well, I think Cheyenne’s older calm obedience might be rubbing off on Genie’s wild puppy craziness, at least I hope so.  Both dogs got new dog beds,and some doggie treats for Christmas surprises.  Even the cat Goober got special snacks.

P1220664 P1220641 dogs

We stayed up until midnight Christmas Eve, when Lorin could open the package containing the video game that she wanted.  It was nice to sleep in and then open gifts the next morning. Grey got me a little air compressor, just what I needed, and I sure hope it really works for those heavy duty truck tires on the motor home that always seem to need air when I’m in the middle of nowhere.

P1220674 P1220678 P1220681P1220682 Bird of Paradise

My son Peter in Germany called with grandson Janek, then granddaughters Mimi and Zarah, to say Merry Christmas and share good wishes and holiday spirit.  It was a real family Christmas day for me!  My daughter Dara had sent a box of gifts too!

Visiting Jojoba Hills

I have wanted to visit Jojoba Hills SKP Co-op in Southern California for a long time, and with an discount offer I couldn’t refuse for a week’s reservation, I was happy to go there the second week of December.  I already had a long discussion with Joe Gibbs and his wife Laureta at the Live Oak camp about the place, and it sounded very good.  The drive to Temecula, the nearest city, was along highways new to me, which is the way I always enjoy traveling.  In the end, I spent ten days at Jojoba Hills, and just loved it.  I arrived on a Sunday, and went into a dry camp site in the boondocking area.  The next day I moved the motor home to a really lovely site beside a pond with a fountain, nice trees, and especially pleasant neighbors.

P1220600 (Large) P1220579 (Large)

Here are some pictures of the Jojoba Hill facilities… not shown, but one of their nicest features is the original rehabilitated and furnished ranch house, that members can reserve for their own personal events, such as family gatherings or Superbowl parties, with a full kitchen and living room with big screen television.

  • P1220558 (Large)
  • P1220559 (Large)
  • P1220560 (Large)
  • P1220562 (Large)
  • P1220565 (Large)
  • P1220566 (Large)
  • P1220571 (Large)
  • P1220574 (Large)
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And here are a couple of my new friends, Sharon and Kathleen…

P1220607 Kristin and Sharon P1220611 Kristin and Kathleen (Large)

These were my last photos, on the morning that I left the park…

P1220618 (Large)P1220622 (Large)