Pahrump RV – and Thanksgiving

During all the times I’ve been to Las Vegas, I had never made it to Pahrump, which is directly across the mountains behind Mt. Charleston from Grey’s house.  Heading north and then west, it is a 55 mile drive across the Mojave Desert.  I drove to the Pair O’Dice SKP Co-op and got a site for a week.  It is located about five miles from the center of town, a quiet place with many nice people who stay most of the winter.  I also visited and later moved over to the Preferred RV Park in downtown where members of the Escapees Solo RV group were gathered.  My friend Carol Bradshaw was staying there, and we were able to enjoy some time together again.

P1220327 (Large) P1220341 (Large)P1220326 Kristin and Carol in Pahrump (Large)

It was a surprise when I got a phone call one night from Grey’s cellphone and after a few words, the voice said “Do you know who this is?”  I was amazed when I realized it was my 23-year-old grandson Michael from San Diego!  He had driven to Grey’s to visit, and they wanted me to come back to spend Thanksgiving with them, so I was delighted to say yes!

P1220371 Kristin and Grey (Large) P1220374 Grandma and Mikey (Large) P1220354 Mikey (Large) P1220356 Turkey carving (Large) P1220364 Thanksgiving 2013 with Mikey and Grey (Large) P1220370 Grey and Mikey (Large)

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