Something About Me

My Attempts at Retirement –
I retired in 2004, but wasn’t very good at it so after 60 years of age, I joined the Peace Corps and spent almost three years in Eastern Europe.  After that I settled again in my home in Alaska with my dog, but apparently I’m still not very good about staying put and growing old gracefully.  Or maybe I’m just not old yet!  I am driven to see new places and have adventures, learn about foreign cultures and meet new people, stretch my mind and spur my imagination.  My family really doesn’t need me any more and I’m far away in Alaska, so why not keep going?

My History –
I’ve been asked to write more about my family’s homesteading years in Alaska in the 50s, raising my kids in the woods outside Fairbanks without running water or electricity in the 60s and 70s, some of my many careers and the characters I have known, so I’ll gradually be adding some old stories, too.


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