Benson Saguaro SKP Co-op

Next I went to Benson to stay at Saguaro Co-op, where Shar would meet me for a couple of days.  We had some exciting conversations about RV holding tanks and how to clean them, leveling, tires, and other such fascinating topics.  Since she is much more sociable than I am, we often got into conversations with other travelers, and since we both have Alaskan license plates people frequently ask us questions. While she was there we toured the Kartchner Caverns, and I was sorry to see her go.  Shar is returning to Alaska more than a month before I do, but we might travel back down here together in the fall.  The night before she left we ate at the new Mi Casa Mexican restaurant, which is probably has the best food anywhere.  (Try their pinata salad with shrimp!)

I spent time at the beautiful Trinity Monastery Benedictine Community, with its lovely bird sanctuary and meditation garden.  It is a truly calming and spiritual place, even for such a heathen as me.

  • 3 Meditation garden Feb 19
  • 2 Meditation garden Feb 19
  • 1 Meditation garden Feb 19
  • P1170280 tree in wall (Large)
  • P1170275 bird sanctuary (Large)

Kristin with Doc Holliday



I also drove down to Tombstone and Bisbee to get a taste of the old West.  Just for kicks I had my picture taken with Doc Holliday, since my book group just read Maria Doria Russell’s book Doc.

Bisbee was actually more interesting than the touristy Tombstone, at least it had local characters and nice little shops.  I had a great lunch there, even though the place I hoped to visit was the highly recommended Cornucopia Restaurant, which was closed.



Then… suddenly it got cold!  In fact, it snowed, a lot!  Everyone couldn’t believe we would have snow south of Tucson, but it felt like home to me.  I got lots of pictures, but will just post a couple of them here.

  • P1170320 Snow Feb 21
  • P1170322 Snow Feb 21
  • P1170332 Snow
  • P1170342 Snow (Large)
  • P1170334 (Large)

And finally, here is a beautiful sunrise from my own bed in Benson… you can see this isn’t exactly suffering!  What a wonderful way to live!

Sunrise from bed Feb 19 Benson AZ

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