California Coast – Mendocino area

 This is Week 5 of a two and a half month long road trip around the West Coast, in Fort Bragg-Mendocino, California

It will probably be easier to just watch one of them at a time. I’m still learning this program, so let me know if it might not work for you!

Soon after crossing the border into California, I ran across this herd of elk, with a grouchy and bossy bull in charge of his harem of cows.  This guy was pissed off, he was tearing up the grass, and running after cows who tried to leave.  I’ll bet you can tell where I decided to jump back into my car as he was coming right at me!  Yikes!

  • P1140989 Elk harem 1 (Large)
  • P1150003 Elk harem 2 (Large)
  • P1150008 Elk tearing grass (Large)
  • P1150013 Elk 1 (Large)
  • P1150014 Elk 2 (Large)
  • P1150018 I jumped in the car (Large)
  • I'll bet you can guess that this is when I jumped in my car!
    I'll bet you can guess that this is when I jumped in my car!
  • P1150021 Elk and my car 1 (Large)
  • P1150022 Elk and my car 2 (Large)

Then I headed into the redwoods, which I always love, and to stay near the seashore I took the twisty Highway 1 over to the Pacific Ocean.

  • P1150037 (Large)
  • P1150042 (Large)
  • P1150030 me and tree (Large)
  • P1150048 (Large)
  • P1150054 me and sea (Large)

And finally I arrived at Fort Bragg-Mendocino, where I had a lovely little cabin reserved for a few days.  This is a beautiful, interesting area to visit.  While I was there I attended a Rotary Club meeting, and the speakers talked about the problem of marijuana “gardens” and cleaning up the toxic waste that these gardens leave.  One was a widow of a volunteer who was killed last year by some of the illegal “gardeners”.  I learned that the U.S. Government provides no funds whatever to do this cleanup, it all must be funded by the Lumber Companies who have the rights to log on the land.  Very interesting!  (Especially since I found “herbs” drying in the oven of my cabin when I decided to bake in it – I informed the landlady and left them on top of the refrigerator.  Only later I figured out that… well, you figure it out.)

  • P1150065 (Large)
  • P1150063 (Large)
  • P1150061 (Large)
  • P1150062 (Large)

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