South New Mexico

P1210799 Caballo Lake camp
Next stop — Caballo Lake, dry camping near the boat launch.  Beautiful spot with 180 degree view of the water.  This was a good place to rest and regroup before heading to the Rally in Deming with the LOWs (Loners on Wheels).  You can see this organization has been around for a long time –

LOW Banners

There were almost 80 solo RVers who came to this rally, and they came from all over the U.S. and also Canada.

P1210845 Rig Line Up (Large) P1210890 Fulltimer Mike (Large) (2)

We went across the border to Mexico one day for lunch –

P1210833 Pink Store lunch (Large)P1210819 Pink Store lunch (Large)

The events were fun, everything from meals together to scavenger hunts, to games and dancing.

P1210983 Games (Large) P1210976 Group (Large) P1210974 Money Hat (Large) P1210924 Tracy (Large)

And there was a lot of laughing and many happy faces –

  • P1210907 Leah and George (Large)
  • P1210903 Yvonne (Large)
  • P1210913 Phyllis (Large)
  • P1210918 (Large)
  • P1210901 Gail (Large)
  • P1210838 Vicky
  • P1210820 K-Beach teacher

P1210986 Kristin and Pirate MikeP1210988 Kristin and Texan Tom

To recuperate from all this socializing, I retreated to the City of Rocks state park and took a site deep inside the rocks.  I think this is one of the most special and unique campsites where I will ever stay.

City of Rocks NM

I was amazed to find my friends Marian and Jerry from South Carolina already here, so it was nice to share time with them again.  How nice to develop relationships with people from all the way across the country!


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