The Chiracahua Mountains

I decided to take suggestions from other travelers and go visit the Chiracahua Mountains.  It is a National Monument with a small campground where my motor home would be the largest possible that could fit in the campsites.  I’m so glad I went there.  Finally I could camp in the woods and not feel as if I was in a trailer court.  It was all I could hope for, and even the chilly nights and shadows from trees did not diminish the electricity I could get from my solar panels.

with Cheyenne at Chiracahuas (Large)

Chiracahua campsite (Large)



This campsite was just big enough for me to squeeze my car in behind the motor home.  To get there, it was necessary to drive down through a flash flood gully, and when I left I should have ignored the one-way signs and gone out the way I came in, since I scraped the bottom again. Good thing I have tough equipment!

It’s especially nice that these national reserves accept my senior citizen lifetime pass, and I pay lower camping fees, a big $6 each night!



I drove all the way up to the top to see the interesting rock formations.  This is the country where the valiant Indians Cochise and Geronimo made their last stand.  It was eerie to be there.

  • P1170430 (Large)
  • P1170477 (Large)
  • P1170442 (Large)
  • P1170414
  • P1170425 Cochise Head Mtn (Large)

Me at Organ Pipe Formation (Large)

While I was peacefully camping here, I realized that I was very close to the Mexico border, and although I didn’t actually plan to drive down there, I thought I’d go to Douglas and check out the border crossing.  I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico over the last almost 40 years, and driven alone in a camper van several times.  But I’ve never done it in a motor home and wondered if it would be seen as a target in this more dangerous time.  Last October it was no problem to drive down into Baja, so I just wanted to see things for myself.

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