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Many archived website pages, journals, and photo albums were located on google drive and other servers that have been discontinued.  Those links have finally been removed and this site will remain active, although gets updated very infrequently.  Sorry about that but I’m tired and getting older.  I will maintain periodically when the spirit moves me. Contact me at my email: kristinalaska@gmail.com


I’m stepping off the well-trodden path of expectations and “doing the right thing” to find a new way forward. This is my story.

I must have been born a vagabond who took a 25 year detour to raise my kids, and then somehow got “married” to the house I built to raise them in, and now I’ve been (mostly) enjoying it for another 20 years. Through all that time I had a busy professional life and volunteered in every possible way to make my community a better place to live. But my friends and family have all moved away and none of my grandkids are being raised here… so at last I want to reclaim my life, to follow my wandering urges and to have the FREEDOM that I have never allowed myself before.

In November 2012 I bought a motor home and in January 2013 I took my sweet dog Cheyenne, who is aging like me, and we headed into the sunset. We are always excited to see what is over the next hill. The house isn’t sold – yet.  But I have a freeze alarm that calls phone numbers if the temperature drops enough to freeze inside.  It’s not complete freedom, but it’s more mobility.



Now it’s 2021 so much time has passed and we just survived a l-o-n-g pandemic year, but so far so good, and life goes on.  This year I will be 75 years old, which is hard to believe.  Since I bought the motorhome I never spent another winter in Alaska until this one.  I’m surprised that it wasn’t that bad, in fact it was quite enjoyable, and being isolated was okay too.  But I’ll hit the road again this year and will continue posting occasionally.  I imagine my style has changed along with the content.  I’ll probably talk more about aging aches and pains, looking back on life and changes and memories.  Honestly, it is probably for my own self anyway.



  1. Andrea February 2, 2014

    Whatever made us become “married” to the house? To a “permanent” idea of life? It’s a rhetorical question…

  2. Kristin January 11, 2014

    Mary, How nice to hear from you and know that someone is following this journal! Sounds like you are someone I should know, and it will be nice to get together. I’ll be in touch!

  3. Mary December 29, 2013

    I stumbled on your blog while looking at possible campgrounds near Casa Grande and what a find! I have not read all your posts but love what I have read. I am a widowed woman for the past 13 years and have been RVing alone since that time (have been RVing for 46 years!). I have a 34 foot class A Winnebago Brave, tow a Saturn Vue and have a spoiled 13 yr. old mini-dachshund. I have a home in Sun City West, AZ and am now year ’round there. When I “snowbirded” it, I was a campground host in Illinois for a while and loved it. I love travelling in my RV and hope I can do it yet for a few years (am now 72 yrs. old!). I so hope our paths cross sometime at a campground…you are really someone I would love to meet and share a glass of wine and tales from the “trail”. Would welcome hearing from you….drive safe and enjoy every minute of your travels. Mary

  4. Shar April 10, 2013

    This is great. I might have done this the last 20 years so thanks for sharing and maybe i will finally do what people have been asking me to do for that long-write a book or the like. Good job Shar