Nevada with family

I had agreed to be in Las Vegas to meet my 13-year-old German granddaughter Miriam during her layover on the way back to Munich, after two months in American school with my daughter Dara and family in Oregon.  So I wanted to be at my son Grey’s north of Vegas by November 15th.  After leaving Wickenburg that gave me two days to stop along the way.  I decided to stay at Lake Mead, to relax and get ready again for a busy family life.

P1220198 camp Lake Mead (Large) P1220208 Lake Mead sunset (Large) P1220192 Lake Mead (Large)

It was nice to get to Grey’s house again!  I hadn’t been here since I left in January at the start of my motor home life.

P1220220 camping at Greys (Large)

Miriam arrived right on schedule, and we enjoyed her for one afternoon, overnight and the next morning before taking her back to Vegas for her flight.  We went to the city early enough to walk around the Strip for a while, so she could at least see it.

P1220271 Grandma with Mimi-Lorin (Large)P1220273 Roman fountain (Large)     P1220277 Treasure Island (Large)P1220294 The Venetian (Large)P1220309 Goodbye Grandma-Mimi (Large)P1220306 Goodbye Mimi-Lorin-Grey (Large)
It was wonderful to see her again, and to spend some time with Grey and Lorin too!

Next stop:  Pahrump, only 55 miles from Grey’s place.


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