Snow in April

I was getting adjusted to the idea that spring will be slow in Alaska.  I left warm weather and new flowers to return home to find snow and ice, but I still enjoyed daytime sunshine and some gradual melting, so I kept a positive attitude.  But as I sit writing now, it is SNOWING OUTSIDE!  And it’s snowing seriously, too.  I have to shut my eyes and turn up the music, maybe go take a warm bubble bath and think about how I was basking at the beach in Mexico just a month ago.  I could go take a picture, but anyone can visualize the white stuff coming down from the sky when instead it should be almost summer.

LATER — Then two days later, it began to rain. Maybe I didn’t enjoy those sunny days enough, was annoyed with the frozen ground and icy lake and the idea that I had left springtime flowers to come home to winter, so I didn’t adequately appreciate the lovely daytimes. Now that it is dreary and liquid I know I must readjust my thinking and be more positive. Today I will spend with one of my favorite people, and I know she will make my day sunny, no matter what the weather.

I just read that last sentence, and realized that for many years I have said that it didn’t matter to me what the weather might be. I was so busy with projects or having to work, I barely paid attention to temperature or sunshine or clouds or precipitation. Maybe I just need to get busy here and stop feeling like I’m treading water. I think I badly miss life on the road, going new places and meeting new people, taking walks in beautiful new places with my dog, living the simple RV life. In fact that was what I  loved best about cruising sailing too, going into a new harbor, experiencing a new place, meeting people and seeing the sights, smelling, tasting, touching, everything new. As beautiful as this place is, it’s very well known. I think it was Andrew Wyeth who said that he didn’t need to travel, he could find something fascinating in every little thing around his old place, little fascinating details to study. I should probably do that.

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