Website server hassles

What a struggle I have had with my website server!  I guess that happens to everyone once in a while, but for me it’s been a long time and I’ve forgotten how frustrating and complicated it can be.  Yesterday Janek went out again with Peter on his fishing boat so I could devote uninterrupted hours to figuring out what went wrong.  For some unexplained reason, my website hosting service duplicated everything on my site, and suddenly it refused to upload pictures or update files.  It took a dozen messages back and forth before they found the problem.  But happily by then I learned that I could upload my entire old website to Google Drive and have it work from there.  So now it is in the “cloud” and I don’t have to pay for hosting it any more.  Unsurprisingly it now has some very strange URLs, but at least they work.  The references are on the home page for this blog, but I’ll post them here too.  Especially I realized that the wonderful photo galleries were somewhat buried in the site, making them too inaccessible.  What happy memories these bring back for me.  The link is the third one below:
– For three years while in the Peace Corps and a while afterwards, I maintained a website that includes a lot about life in Romania, my family in the United States and Germany, and includes a lot of wonderful photographs from Europe and Alaska. Naturally there are some of my personal observations about culture and philosophy.   You can even learn to make traditional Romanian food like Christmas sweet bread and Cabbage rolls.
– To reach the journal pages and an index to find entries listed in the left column.
– Many photo galleries from 2006-2010.  For most of these, just click on the photo and it will move on to the next image. (Some may not work on every device.)
Check out this one, from Romania in the 1970s:
– The OLD website for Loren Lake B&B, which I managed in my Alaskan home.  This site has many photos of Alaska and my life there, including my family history and homesteading as a child and “living in the woods” as a young mother.
– Many photo albums to share.

Thank heaven this problem has been solved, and now this online journal has enough room for at least a couple more years of grandmotherly ramblings, travel notes, memories and friends.

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