Selling stuff and Visitors!

I’m sore and tired and am definitely feeling my age! But I finished emptying the old 1962 Airstream trailer so I can sell it (another dream faded because I never got it all rebuilt). I also emptied two huge legal file cabinets to sell. Both trailer and files are big and heavy, will help gradually lighten my load. Good thing I got the truck fixed so I can make trips to the dump and charity shops.

To tell the truth I hate selling things, and I wonder how I made a living in real estate. I probably made more money buying and selling property for myself, anyway. I worked my ass off and managed to support three children, build a nice home where I could raise them, and also help develop a better community by serving in public office for a decade and a half. After spending their early years “in the woods” in a cabin without electricity or running water, I finally escaped from their father, but felt I had to prove that I could provide for them alone, in style. I did it, but got worn down.

My children and I love my wonderful Alaskan house, on the lake where I was raised as a homestead daughter. But somehow it created an obligation for me to stay here after the kids grew up and left. I have gotten away — sailing in my 40s, to Barrow for work to finish my retirement in my 50s, and to the Peace Corps in my 60s. But not really free. Traveling in a motor home showed me what that is, and I want more. (Yes, I do repeat myself when my thoughts keep circling the drain.)

The exciting news is that my friends Gloria and Sonny are coming from San Francisco to visit me in Alaska! They will be here in two weeks, for two weeks. I told them to come soon, before I sell the house, and before my son and grandson arrive. So we’ll go to Homer, Seward, and maybe drive up to Anchorage when they leave. I’m sending the universe good thoughts for warm, sunny weather. I’ll take lots of pictures.

I caught a cold on top of my usual sinus problems, so I am like that commercial where they say “Do you stash tissues like a squirrel hides nuts?” I notice bony knobs at my finger joints to match the ones on my big toes, osteoarthritis that seems to be spreading from my knees. I wish we could be warned about these things age will bring us, so they’re not such a surprise. In fact maybe we wouldn’t spend so much time accumulating stuff if we knew we’d be trying to get rid of it later.

Here is the trailer, with beautiful Brazilian cherrywood floor.

  • 1 right side
  • 2 right  rear
  • 3 inside

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