Summer Begins

I’m trying to enjoy the peace and quiet while I have it!  As I get older, I have less energy and lack the desire to multi-task like I have done all my life.  I love quiet and long periods of puttering, and I don’t know how well I’ll handle the coming busy-ness.  Next weekend will be my 50th high school reunion (photos to come).  We will have three days of activities and I’ve helped the planning committee a couple times.  On the third day, Peter and 7-yr-old Janek will arrive on Sunday afternoon from Germany just before our reunion picnic, so that will be the end of my solitude for the summer months.

I’ve spent the past three weeks receiving orientation as a Stream Watch volunteer for the Kenai Watershed Forum and the U.S. Forest Service.  They assist with environmental education for several fishing areas along the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, from Cooper Landing more than 50 miles south to Kasilof.  There are about 100 volunteers who take shifts along the river at seven different sites.  We received shirts, jackets and hats to make us official.  Feels strange, but good.  We have to carry pepper spray for bears at all times.  As most people know, we have lots of bears in this area, and they are drawn to the fishing areas, sometimes are happy to compete for the fish or take the carcasses that are left after fishermen filet the meat off the bones.  Enthusiastic fishermen have created a lot of environmental damage in past years, so this is a good program for enhancing the rivers and maintaining salmon returns for the future.  Besides, it makes me feel useful.  Through the summer, I’ll add pictures from these fishing sites.


I got an email this week from the German couple I met in Mexico last winter, and found out that Martina and Norbert are on their way to Alaska in their big overland RV rig, they will be here in July to visit.  Fortunately Peter will be able to talk with them in German, since neither one speaks much English.  I’m not sure where we can park them, but we’ll manage.  They are such a nice couple, I’ll be glad to see them again.  Although I’m planted in Alaska, I am still often in touch with my friends who are on the road, living the gypsy life in their RVs.  There’s a big group of motor homes travelers from my Solos group who will be driving around Alaska together, and when they get to the Kenai Peninsula I’ll probably find them for a Happy Hour to say hello.  As long as I have this lakefront haven and big lawn, I might as well use it for some picnic and BBQ gatherings this year.

Yesterday we had a huge hailstorm with thunder and lightning!  That almost never happens here, so it was pretty exciting.  The hail was about the size of frozen peas, although it melted pretty fast.

P1010599 (Large)
P1010595 (Large)

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